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    Flavor Biscuits

    Tasteful flavor biscuit that match all everybody favor
  • Bahar Dunyasi

    Delicious cookies


    Taste the variety of delicious of biscuits with Bahar Dunyasi

Process of Biscuits

Hygienic and sterile environment

Serving tasteful biscuits

A collection of biscuits flavor lay spread out for you

Bahar Dunyasi

Taste it enjoy it

Bahar Dunyasi

Bahar Dunyasi producing biscuits with a tasteful flavor for all type of occasion, introducing happiness to all part of family by variety of flavor.


Tasteful flavors to enjoy in every occasion

Biscuits Flavors

Variety of tasteful flavor we made for all favor:
- Date
- Figs
- Apricot
- Strawberry
- Apple


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